Cobourg brings Intellivote back for 2018 election

With the next municipal campaign beginning May 1, 2018, and the vote taking place Oct. 22 that year, paper ballots have long since been phased out and the municipality requires the services of an external provider to handle the Internet- and telephone-voting components of the election.

A Self-Driving Bus That Can Speak Sign Language

IBM and an independent carmaker called Local Motors are developing a self-driving, electric shuttle bus that combines artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and smartphone apps to serve people with vision, hearing, physical, and cognitive disabilities.

‘Sesame Street’: Julia, a Muppet with autism, makes first appearance on the show

Julia, a Muppet with autism, made her first appearance on “Sesame Street” Monday and the longstanding children’s show posted a 10-minute clip to mark the occasion. Julia is an old buddy of Elmo’s and has already been a staple online and in printed books since making her debut in 2015, but today is her first time on the TV show. Advocates say they hope Julia will help young “Sesame Street”

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Position your Disability Positively for Employers

By Louis Jameson, Assistant Manager, Group Disability Programme at Lloyds Banking Group Today I want to share some thoughts on how to position a disability or health condition when entering work. Whilst our universities get us work-ready, no one discusses how to address our disability with an employer. This is what I will try to do. We can show them our disabilities are ‘no worries’! I am Louis first, being blind

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What I’ve Learned By Hiring More Employees With Disabilities

Less than a fifth of people living with intellectual and developmental disabilities are employed, but business leaders can help change that. BY SCOTT MONETTE | 07.21.16 | [5:00] AM Everyone deserves a chance to succeed. And by my estimation, no group has been refused that opportunity more than people living with disabilities (PLWD). Sadly, less than one-fifth of this population is employed. Even though I’ve made expanding opportunities for PLWD my life’s

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