FREE WEBINAR: How to Develop, Promote and Deliver a Webinar Without Spending a Dime!

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A 75-miniute introductory webinar
on how to 
develop, promote and deliver a
without spending a dime!

Lunch ‘n Learn with us!

the 3rd Monday of each month at
12:00 noon to 1:15 pm E/NY

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You’ll learn:

  • how to break your message down into bite-sized, digestible pieces,
  • how to inject structure while making room for live free flow,
  • how to use powerful strategies for grabbing your audience with PowerPoint,
  • how to set up systems to automate as much as possible from start to finish,
  • how to use post-event surveys to build testimonials and germinate leads,
  • how to find the free online technology tools and resources you’ll need to
    • market your event,
    • process registrations,
    • deliver your multi-media presentation, and
    • follow-up with registrants after the event with further opportunities.

And most importantly to many,

you’ll learn how to do it all without having

a technology-triggered melt-down! LOL!


Who should attend:

  • coaches, trainers, speakers & virtual assistants who want to incorporate video and visual marketing into their toolbox,
  • business owners who want to explore webinars for team or customer training but haven’t a clue where to start, and
  • solopreneurs who want a DIY multi-media solution for building their brand and their online presence.

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