41-Year-Old Seeks To Defunk Myths About Disabilities

May 24, 2012|

By Claire Theriot Mestepey I thought it might be fun to research some of the myths going around about us folks with disabilities. I found an excellent article about this at www.easterseals.com and took my favorite five. Here they are: Myth 1: We are heroic. Myth 2: We are sickly. Myth 3: We are more comfortable with “our own kind.” Myth 4: It is all right for “norms” to park

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It’s Tougher Than Ever To Enforce Your Human Rights in Ontario

May 21, 2012|

By David Lepofsky and Avvy Go Imagine being refused a job, an apartment or public service due to your race, disability or sex. How hard is it to enforce your human rights? Six years ago, the McGuinty government’s Bill 107 made controversial changes to human rights enforcement. You likely don’t know that a poorly publicized government-appointed independent review has asked the public if these changes make things better or worse.

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Rights tribunal orders Ottawa fire department to pay disabled retiree six-figure settlement

March 23, 2012|

OTTAWA — Ottawa taxpayers are on the hook for what should be a six-figure settlement after a tribunal found that the city’s fire department unreasonably failed to accommodate a former employee hurt in a workplace accident in 2003. In a recent decision, the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario ordered the City of Ottawa to pay Marcel Backs nearly $85,000 in back pay, sick leave, pension premium payments and compensation for

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Access, Equity and Human Rights Community Funding Program (AEHR)

March 20, 2012|

AEHR grant applications are due 4 p.m. Tuesday, March 27, 2012 AEHR Program Guidelines (PDF)   The Access, Equity and Human Rights (AEHR) Investment Funding Program is an investment funding program that helps the City of Toronto achieve its social, economic and cultural goals by working to achieve a positive race relations and human rights climate in Toronto and promoting community participation by equity-seeking groups. Equity-seeking groups are those facing

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Excessive Overtime Doubles Depression Risk

March 13, 2012|

By Yosie Saint-Cyr Now I know what ails me! But seriously speaking, it does not surprise me at all. A January 25, 2012, British research study published in PLoS ONE Journal indicates that people who work 11 or more hours a day have double the odds of becoming depressed compared with those who don’t work overtime. But why is this important for us as employers to know? Common mental illnesses,

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Toronto police settle G20 human rights case against paraplegic man

March 8, 2012|

By Wendy Gillis, Staff Reporter, TheStar.com Toronto police have settled a human rights claim filed by a paraplegic man arrested during the G20 summit, but the terms will not be made public due to a confidentiality clause. Gabriel Jacobs, a panhandler paralyzed from the waist down, filed a claim with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario last year, after he was arrested during the 2010 summit and later released without

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Are Your Employees Comfortable Disclosing Disability?

March 6, 2012|

Americans with disabilities are most likely to disclose their disability when they need an accommodation or have a supportive supervisor and are least likely to do so if they fear they will lose a job, or fail to gain one, by doing so. But lack of disclosure could impact the workplace in a number of ways, an expert suggested. . Speaking during a Jan. 18, 2012, webinar titled “Disability Disclosure

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Interviewing Candidates with Disabilities

February 3, 2012|

Job interviews play a critical role in the hiring process, allowing employers the opportunity to identify the individual who possesses the best mix of knowledge, skills and abilities for the position available. When interviewing a candidate with a disability, some employers find themselves nervous about how to act or uncertain about how to act and what they can ask. Below is guidance on navigating the interview process with candidates with

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Deaf Man Fights DND Over Lost Job

February 1, 2012|

By Jerome Lessard, The Intelligencer   Jeffrey Stringer has won the first round of a five-year discrimination battle with the Department of National Defence. But the hearing-impaired former drafting technician at 8 Wing/CFB Trenton said he is not done fighting. Recently, the Department of National Defence (DND) was ordered to pay the 41-year-old civilian more than $27,000 for failing to provide him with a sign language interpreter. When hired as

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Human Rights Complaint Says Toronto Zoning Restrictions Discriminate Against People with Disabilities

January 30, 2012|

By Paola Loriggio, The Canadian Press   Ontario’s human rights tribunal will weigh a challenge to Toronto’s zoning rules that experts say could affect how municipalities across the country integrate housing for people with mental illness or disabilities. City lawyers had asked the tribunal to throw out a complaint against rules that restrict the number and location of group homes, residential care facilities and other types of supportive housing. The

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