AccessForward – Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation training

March 22, 2013|

AccessForward offers free resources to help your organization meet the training requirements under Section 7 of the Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation. . Curriculum Services Canada, in partnership with the Accessibility Directorate of Ontario, offers a range of free resources to help your organization train your staff about the province’s accessibility laws. The resources, available in English and French, include online training modules, videos, an implementer’s guide to the training requirement

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News anchor and Paralympian exchange stories on disability

March 21, 2013|

Almost everyone agrees that a lot of progress has been made, but that we may need many more International Days of Persons with Disabilities before the remaining obstacles to their full participation in society are dismantled. As the poet and writer Denise Bissonnette remarked in Dialect, a news magazine of the Saskatchewan Association for Community Living “We are far from the finish line of achieving True Inclusion!” What the International

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Joyce gets her ramp

March 13, 2013|

A Campbell River apartment owner and her building manager have been ordered to build a ramp for their disabled tenant and to pay her $15,000 for “injury to her dignity, feelings and self-respect.” In a hearing before a B.C. Human Rights tribunal Patricia Vermette, the owner of the Cedar Place apartments, and manager Alan Oakley have been ordered to build a ramp for 68-year-old Joyce Stewart who suffers from severe

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How The Mentally Disabled Are Lost In The Legal System

March 11, 2013|

Without legal aid, people with cognitive and learning disabilities cannot cope with the demands of the law Canadians with cognitive and learning disabilities are falling through the cracks of Canada’s legal system. They often lack the skills to deal with details like court dates, the demands for clear thinking and the pace of the courts. Unless they get legal aid, those living with mental disabilities are not being treated fairly

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What Hotels Should Consider When Serving People with Visual Disabilities

December 30, 2012|

Much like other public accommodations, hotels and other locales of transient lodging are required by the AODA (Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act) to provide access and services to people with disabilities in a manner that takes into account their specific disability. This means that any person with a physical, mental health, sensory or developmental disability must have their needs accommodated to ensure that they have equitable access to hotels,

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Accessible Signs, Parking Spaces and Ramps: How These are Invaluable to People with Disabilities

December 20, 2012|

Easy access to facilities helps not only the people with disabilities, but also the establishments that serve them. Having clearly marked accessible parking spaces, ramps and accessible signage in general helps people with disabilities locate and gain access to your establishment and can benefit everyone. By providing people with the ability to access information on how to get to you and your services, they will be able to provide you

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Human rights victory for St. Catharines worker

December 9, 2012|

Overturning its previous decision, the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal has ruled that paying an intellectually disabled St. Catharines woman $1.25 an hour was allegedly ongoing discrimination every time she received a paycheque. In what’s being called a precedent-setting ruling, the three-member panel found this week that the practice of paying Terri-Lynn Garrie less than employees who did not have developmental disabilities was not a single act of alleged discrimination. Instead,

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Starting a company while coping with mental illness

December 7, 2012|

A few years ago, during one of her regular visits to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto, Sandra Rotman had an idea. At the time, the high-profile philanthropist was being treated for anxiety. The experience made her stronger, she says, but also led her to mull over she could help others with mental-health issues. She knew difficult it can be for someone with mental illness to find

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Enhancing Accessibility in Post-Secondary Education Institutions: A Guide for Disability Service Providers

December 5, 2012|

Ottawa, March 29, 2012 – The association is proud to announce the availability of a new, comprehensive guide on disability service provision and accommodations at colleges and universities in Canada. This Guide is now available on the NEADS website. It is the product of research conducted by the Government of Canada’s Office for Disability Issues and is a resource designed with direct input from Canadian campus disability service providers and

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Unquenchable spirit meets disabled body

December 4, 2012|

The London Paralympics helped to ‘define ability over and above disability’, its organising chief, Sebastian Coe, said recently. TV personality Masingita Masunga is a shining example of what he means. Johannesburg – Within five minutes of our sitting down at an alfresco eatery in Sandton, a fan walks up to Masingita Masunga. He recognises her from her TV talk show Masingita With Confidence, broadcast on Soweto TV, and greets her

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