AODA: 2013 Compliance, Happy New Year!

June 14, 2013|

As of January 1, 2013 obligated organizations in Ontario have compliance requirements to meet in the Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation (IASR) under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA). Your obligations depend on whether you are: 1. Ontario Government and Legislative Assembly 2. Public organizations with 50+ employees 3. Public organizations with 1-49 employees 4. Private and non-profit organizations with 50+ employees 5. Private and non-profit organizations with

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The Canadian Transportation Agency Launches New Resource Tools for Accessible Transportation Complaints

June 13, 2013|

The Canadian Transportation Agency launched today two new resource tools for travellers with disabilities and for transportation service providers to improve their access to and understanding of the Agency’s process for resolving disputes within the federal transportation network. These new client-centred resource tools explain the Agency’s approaches in resolving accessible transportation complaints between persons with disabilities and service providers of the federal transportation network. More specifically, the tools: provide information

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New Lowell church gets $50,000 grant

June 11, 2013|

By Sandra Bednarek Did you hear the clapping on Sunday coming from around the Building Fund Thermometer at the New Lowell United church? Well, here is the wonderful news. The congregation applied for a federal government grant through the Enabling Accessibility Fund and MP Kellie Leitch was at the church on Sunday to tell the congregation that they have been awarded $50,000. That was the joyous clapping that you heard.

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Welfare reform should not take from the sick to give to the poor, advocates say

June 4, 2013|

For two Toronto single women on welfare, expected reforms to social assistance in this spring’s provincial budget could prove either promising or problematic. Both the NDP and the Tories believe people on welfare should be able to earn up to $200 a month before facing clawbacks, as recommended last fall by the government’s social assistance review commission. For Tracy Mead, 47, who works seven hours a week at a community

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Five free apps to help remind you to take a break

May 30, 2013|

We all work too much. Many don’t realize how important it is to step away from the monitor and take a break. This isn’t just for your physical health, but your mental health.For some users breaks come naturally. For others, a bit of a heads up is necessary. As you might expect, there are plenty of apps out there to help you with the task of stepping away from your

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Spring Rolls restaurant ignored customer accessibility policy in barring service dog, disability rights lawyer says

May 28, 2013|

The Toronto restaurant that told a hearing impaired man to leave his service dog outside broke more than the Ontario Human Rights Act. It appears that Spring Rolls contravened a 2008 provision of the Accessibility for Ontarians With Disabilities Act which requires businesses to implement customer accessibility policies, including staff training and customer complaints procedures to ensure people don’t face this kind of discrimination, said disability rights lawyer David Lepofsky.

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Ontario Employers Have a New Tool to Improve Accessibility for People with Disabilities

May 17, 2013|

Ottawa, January 23, 2013—The Conference Board of Canada in partnership with the Government of Ontario’s EnAbling Change program have released a new free resource to help employers make their workplaces more inclusive. This free resource, Employers’ Toolkit: Making Ontario Workplaces Accessible to People With Disabilities, is intended to help employers to understand and implement the Employment Standard related to the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). “Employers across Ontario

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School board backpay case lesson for employers: legal expert

May 10, 2013|

A record-setting human rights case that cost the Hamilton public school board almost half a million dollars in back pay and damages should serve as a lesson for employers, a local legal expert says. The school board, the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario ruled in February, failed to accommodate employee Sharon Fair’s disability. Fair suffered from anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder after seven years as the Hamilton-Wentworth District School

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Tips for Finding an Energy Efficient Elevator

April 8, 2013|

If you or someone you care about uses a wheelchair full-time, you may want to invest in an elevator to make your home fully accessible to them. There are many important factors to consider when looking for an elevator, but the most prominent may be price. It’s expensive to purchase an elevator, so why buy one that is going to cost you a fortune in energy costs over its lifetime?

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Disabled worker paid $1.25 per hour has viable human rights complaint

March 27, 2013|

In the early 1990s, Terri-Lynn Garrie was one of several employees with disabilities hired to work for Janus Joan Inc. for $1.00 per hour. While her pay was later increased to $1.25 per hour, other employees, without disabilities, were earning minimum wage or more, essentially for performing the same tasks. Janus Joan eventually terminated Garrie in the fall of 2009. In October 2009, she made a complaint to the Ontario

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