We all know that sometimes there are supervisor/employee disruptions that occur in the workplace. For the past 20 years Trish Robichaud has been providing life and business coaching support to people and professionals with disabilities and disability awareness training to organizations. DISABILITY INCLUSION COACHING - two people seated at a table talkingWhat she’s come to learn is that often the disruption is somehow rooted in disability of some kind; it could be depression or some other mental health issue, a chronic set of symptoms or a sudden onset of something serious that is lying below the surface. That employee would significantly benefit from the support of a disability inclusion coach who can help them build their coping skills, adaptability, resiliance, and their overall effectiveness wile working with a disability. Trish’s having lived and worked with multiple disabilities for more than half her life affords her the knowledge, credibility and the experience to inspire them along their journey.

Disability Inclusion Coaching Package

Trish offers a very powerful, short term, high impact intervention that will calm the disruption and restore workplace effectiveness in a situation that if left unchecked can produce very problematical consequences. The package includes:

  • 1 session with the supervisor to find out what’s going on for the employer, what’s not working and what the desired outcome looks like,
  • 5 fifty-minute coaching sessions with the employee to identify the problematic aspects of their job, co-create workable solutions, and draft a disability accommodations plan,
  • 1 session with the supervisor and employee to propose the solution(s) and make modifications that work for both parties,
  • 1 final session with both the supervisor and employee to evaluate progress and talk through next steps, and
  • 3 month’s worth of unlimited email contact to ensure progress and successful implementation of the accommodation plan.

NOTE: Sessions can be planned as above, or in any other array as needed. They are facilitated by video conferencing and can be recorded upon request.

$1,500 inclusive

If this program interests you, click the button below to setup a time to chat with Trish about implementation and whatever questions or concerns you might have. If you prefer, call her now at 905-967-3014 or preview her newest book here if you’d like an up front taste of her expertise & approach. book complimentary consultation button - 500x200