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“Great course. There is ample information, resources and examples to facilitate ongoing staff training with ease.”
~ Workshop Participant

This 2-day, 14-hour program is designed to empower your staff within your own organization to train your own people. Participants will walk away with the knowledge, training materials, tools, resources, strategies and limited licensing they need to deliver our 3-hour PEOPLE FIRST Accessible Customer Service (ACS) Staff Training program with confidence.

This program runs $1,095 per person and can be delivered to a minimum of 5 people and a maximum of 20 people at a time.   A $1,800 deductible booking fee applies.  A discount may be available for multiple workshops.  We believe that experiential learning is the best format for delivering this topic with authenticity and sensitivity.

How Your Trainers Will Benefit

  • Receive in-depth training that will build your knowledge of ACS curriculum and your confidence in teaching others
  • Become immersed in disability culture discussions
  • The learning is intensive and you will learn by seeing, listening and doing
  • Participate in discussions on how to handle situations where accessibility is difficult or solutions are ambiguous
  • A completely developed training program is yours to use to roll out within your organization at the end of the program
  • You will have completed the program as a “Certified PEOPLE FIRST Elite Trainer”
  • Receive training specifically designed to meet the criteria outlined and mandated by the Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation under the AODA.

Your Trainers Will Learn

  • Everything in the 3-hour Staff Training program plus the principles of facilitating adult education and how to use them to deliver effective experiential learning opportunities
  • Tools to accommodate different learning styles related to accessibility training
  • To identify specific types of disabilities, highlighting similarities as well as differences
  • Methods for identifying communication barriers and ways to address them
  • Using disability simulation exercises
  • Customer service strategies to accommodate different types of disabilities
  • The practical applications for the theory presented
  • Tools for rolling out the training plan for your organization


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“I think it was a great idea that the trainers all had personal experience & passion for this course material.”
~ Workshop Participant

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