“Overall, I was definitely moved by, or I should say, have more heightened awareness. Thank you. If this was “Dancing with the Stars” I’d say 9, 9, 9.”
~ Workshop Participant

This 3-hour Accessible Customer Services (ACS) Staff Training program has been specifically designed to fulfill the training requirements defined in the Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation under the AODA and can be customized to meet your timeline requirements. It is intended for all staff and volunteers of the organization and is highly interactive and experiential.

This program runs $1,495 per event with a $500 deductible booking fee and can be delivered to up to 30 people at a time.  A discount may be available for multiple workshops.  We believe that experiential learning is the best format for delivering this topic with authenticity and sensitivity.

How Your Staff Will Benefit

  1. Receive appropriate direction on interacting and communicating with people with disabilities as well as their service animals and support personnel
  2. Develop a new awareness about the needs of people with disabilities
  3. Gain a genuine respect for fair and equitable treatment
  4. Enhance sensitivity about the challenges faced by people with disabilities, through experiential education and open discussion
  5. Participate in discussions on how to handle situations where accessibility is difficult or solutions are ambiguous
  6. Explore the impact of positive and negative language
  7. Discover the opportunities available to you to improve and provide accommodations
  8. Be fully informed and empowered on the topic of Accessible Customer Service
  9. Receive training specifically designed to meet the criteria outlined and mandated by Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation under the AODA.

Your Staff Will Learn

  1. About the basic principals of Accessible Customer Service and the compliance components of the Accessibility Standards for Customer Service.
  2. Appropriate terminology and disability etiquette
  3. Tips for communicating and interacting with people with disabilities
  4. Respectful practices regarding disability supports such as assistive devices, service animals and support persons
  5. Tools for addressing ambiguous situations and challenges
  6. Strategies for identifying and removing barriers in your work environment

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“Very eye-opening; Well done-learned a lot- opened my eyes in a fun environment! Excellent!”
~ Workshop Participant

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